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Classes - How to Build a Successful Private Practice as a Healer or Therapist

Laura Northrup teaches business skills on how to build a successful private practice as a healer or therapist.

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How to build a Successful, Sustainable Private Practice as a Healer

I am happy to announce a new course for healers on how to build a sustainable, successful private practice. The course focuses on the emotional & spiritual work that goes into creating a successful practice, as well as the nitty gritty logistics. Click here to enroll!

Building a business is hard work.  

You may have seen several business courses tell you they have a secret method or a special trick that will completely blow your mind!

Guess what?

There is no super secret method that you have to pay a lot of money to learn. All the info in those courses is available for free on the internet - trust me, I have read tons of it. So…

Why would you take this course?

Most people fail at building a business because of emotional blocks to success. Whether that is a fear of failure, an inability to accept feedback, or resistance to asking for help when you really need it - the bottom line is, if you don’t address emotional blocks, you are far less likely to succeed. This course covers the nitty-gritty logistics of what you need to do to run a successful business, and YES - in this course, those details are: very important, all in one place, and explained in an easy to understand way. However, the reason you are taking this course, is because I tailor all that information to you, a healer, and we cover the emotional and spiritual work you need to do to make this happen.  

But wait, there’s more!

Most people also build businesses that drain, rather than inspire them. What is the point of running your own successful business if you dread going to work? One of the main values that I hold in this course is that you can have a practice that is FUN, SUSTAINABLE, and you get to be YOURSELF. If you are trying to fit yourself into a mold or an idea of what you think your business needs to be, but you are uninspired by that path: sign up now and build a business that you love.

This course is a good fit if you are a healer and you…

  • have no business yet and want to start from the beginning

  • have a business but are not succeeding at the level you desire

  • have a business that you dread working at and want to feel more satisfied

  • want to be yourself at work and run a business with integrity

Sign up today to build a Successful, Sustainable Private Practice as a Healer!

What are others saying about this course? Testimonials:

Building Business Course for Healers Testimonial

Mae Kessler, Psychotherapist: “Laura’s writing exercises helped me clarify the values and beliefs that guide my work. She reframed my understanding of marketing and branding, which has allowed me to use this information in an authentic and ethical way to market my therapy practice.  I particularly benefitted from her instruction about how to create a realistic annual budget, and how to break the numbers down to identify what my hourly rate needs to be.  I am grateful to her for helping me clarify what a sustainable practice looks and feels like for me, and for providing a deeply caring and compassionate framework to do the work in.”

Building a Business for Healers Course Brunem Warshaw

Brunem Warshaw, Clinical Herbalist: “This course is luscious with practical wisdom and support for your professional healing practice. Laura is a charismatic educator with a true skill for breaking down complex concepts into clear achievable tasks. I appreciate the space made throughout this curriculum for honoring one’s emotional responses to the material. Historically, it has been difficult for me to translate mainstream information about running a business into my practice. As an anti-capitalist care provider, I felt afraid that gaining financial literacy would come into conflict with my core values. I feel freshly motivated to do my work in a way that integrates my own material needs without compromising my ethic of accessibility. This course is coherently organized with a lot of intentionality and care. I know I will be returning to it continuously over time for rock solid advice and compassionate encouragement. My girlfriend is a graphic designer who was eavesdropping on one of the videos and decided she wants to do the course as well. The relevance of content and brilliance of Laura’s approach has a usefulness that extends beyond just healers (in the more conventional sense of the term) and out to professional artists as well.”


Mona Mayhue, Clinical Herbalist: “Laura has created the business course of my dreams. This online series is thorough, easy to follow, and sets realistic goals for students. There are seven main chapters in the course, each with multiple sessions which include video and PDF downloads that are used as work sheets. There is no time limit on the course so you can pick it up when you are feeling inspired and take a break when you need to process what you have learned. I particularly found the What & Why, Budgeting & Finances, and the Marketing & Branding chapters to be very helpful. The What & Why section really inspired me to do some deep internal work and get back into my personal roots and connection to healing work. The finances section helped me to get more organized and to reevaluate my rates to support my needs. Additionally, as a sensitive person who finds it hard to “sell” myself, I found the marketing section to be the most difficult, yet the most supportive. Laura voices many of my insecurities and offers empathy coupled with a realistic goal for pushing those insecurities. The amount of care and thought Laura has instilled into this course is quite amazing, I wish I had access to a course like this years ago. Whether you are a healer who is just starting out, or you are a seasoned business owner, this online business course is definitely worth the investment. ”

Still not sure?

Are you struggling to sustain your business, but not sure yet if you want to take the course? Do you get enough referrals from colleagues and other professionals? If the answer is ‘no’ - try this out to start: click here to get my free guide 3 THINGS EVERY EXPERT NETWORKER DOES.