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End of the season party!

November 16th, 2019 in Oakland, CA


It's the end of the first season of Inside Eyes, so let's celebrate! The show is all about going into the depths of wounding to heal, but don't forget that a huge part of healing is experiencing joy.

Here's what the night will look like:
8:00pm - a few short words by Laura Mae Northrup & a small ritual (if you are ritual-averse, don't worry, it will be super short, just a simple moment to drop into the larger meaning of this work)
8:15pm - party time commences. DJ Public Frenemy & DJ YNG GMA will be providing us with music. You can dance, socialize, eat, and be merry.

The party is at Tamarack, which is a collectively run cafe & restaurant, that serves food, wine, beer, & spirits (America's legal entheogen!). The main floor & bathroom are wheelchair accessible. The second floor is up one flight of stairs. And there is ample sidewalk space for street-partying (though no drinks are allowed outside). It is a 5 minute walk from 12th street BART. For more info:

SEE YOU THERE! The Facebook event page for the party is here.

Inside Eyes Party Flyer.png