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Inside Eyes Podcast - Healing Sexual Abuse & Trauma with Psychedelics & Entheogens

Inside Eyes is a podcast about people who are using entheogens and psychedelics to heal sexual trauma. Interviews include topics such as: healing with Ayahuasca, MDMA, LSD, Ketamine, Iboga, Psilocybin / Mushrooms and healing from Child Sexual Abuse, Adult Rape, Incest, Date Rape, & the Patriarchy. The creator and host, Laura Mae Northrup, is a psychotherapist and educator based in Oakland, CA.

Inside EyeS



Inside Eyes is a podcast that focuses on the use of psychedelics & entheogens to heal from sexual trauma. The series is 16 episodes. The first two episodes are interviews with professionals about this field of medicine and issues around access. Episodes 3-14 are personal stories with survivors of sexual violence about the ways they have used these medicines to heal. And the final two episodes are about psychedelic harm reduction & sexual violence within the field of entheogenic and psychedelic healing. You can join my mailing list or find me on instagram or twitter. If you would like to support the show, please leave a review a review on iTunes.


I first became interested in creating this audio series because I see sexual assault/abuse as an assault on the spirit, and thus sexual trauma as a spiritual wound. Many people turn to entheogens and psychedelics as an option to heal on a spiritual level and in this series I interview people about their personal experiences in doing this healing, as well as professionals in the field.    

Healing sexual trauma is tremendously difficult and many people don’t find relief or wellbeing despite years of therapy, meditation, medication, or other forms of healing. However, many sexual trauma survivors are experiencing lasting, significant healing through the use of enthoegens & psychedelics. The goal of the project is to offer inspiration and knowledge to others.

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